Oby Ezekwesili Denies Report Calling Out President Buhari Not Deserving To Be President

”I woke up yesterday to peruse an invented report credited to me by Sunday Tribune that I guaranteed President Muhammadu Buhari does not should be president.

What’s more, on the premise of the fiction weaved together by a columnist, he let free one of those now-extremely normal improper and talk roused verbal strike from a presidential representative, Mallam Garba Shehu.

In any case, today, in one of those extraordinary yet extremely proficient choices, Tribune daily paper abjured on the story as well as apologized to me.

While I thank the daily paper for toeing the way of honor, I trust Mallam Garba Shehu will likewise be sufficiently fair to concede his blunder of judgment and delicate an open expression of remorse for his lie and baseless assaults at me.

Regardless, it is imperative not to dismiss the main problem which is about the destiny of 2000 youthful Nigerians who were utilized into the Nigerian Immigration Service, after a thorough and straightforward procedure by the last organization, just for their administrations to be skeptically abstained from by the present organization. These are Nigerians from the nation over.

By the way, I was attracted to their situation on the grounds that in driving past where they had congregated, I saw among them a companion and BBOG partner, Hajia Aisha Yesufu, who, it just so happens, had taken up their cause. I talked with them quickly, and I had begged the president to investigate their matter. Luckily, in redressing the prior wrong distribution, Tribune has brought out what I said in its account of today as caught underneath:

Tribune apologizes to Oby Ezekwesili

Previous Minister of Education, Dr Oby Ezekwesili, never said President Muhammadu Buhari did not should be president.

Our sister production, Sunday Tribune, had credited the announcement to be a piece of what she said over the situation of 2,000 movement administration initiates who rested at the passage of Aso Villa from Friday till Saturday morning.

Ezekwesili, while tending to the volunteers, had said “I am, in this manner, speaking to the president to promptly ask the military and additionally the Nigerian Immigration Service to make the right decision, offer equity to all these young fellows and ladies who, on the premise of legitimacy, were designated into positions in the NIS.

“I need to say that if equity is not given to them promptly, I positively will go along with them in staying here consistently until they get their equity. Equity is to have the capacity to get together with them.

“Whatever the difficulties are, let it be known, yet don’t give anything a chance to be done in mystery, and let nothing be finished with such haziness. These youngsters are the present of Nigeria, not only the fate of Nigeria. In the event that we don’t treat our young right, we are laying ourselves up for what we as of now have disturbing us in the nation.

“In this way, I join my voice with them, and I engage the President whom they have come to see to instantly take care of their cause. What’s more, I likewise utilize this chance to address the Federal Government, there have been an excessive number of examples of assertions of illicit enrollment into general society administration.

“In the event that our open administration is useless, and you are compounding it by enrolling individuals through the indirect accesses, individuals who don’t have the ability, aptitudes, capability, limit, character to have the capacity to give us great administration out in the open administration, then, we absolutely have no arrangements to be superior to anything we are.

“Along these lines, we ought to simply from consequently halt from doing this. Also, as a rule, when these unlawful enrollments are done, we relinquish the best for the most exceedingly awful among us. More often than not, when these illicit enrollments are done, winds up happening that the offspring of the poorer fragment of our general public who battle to get past their training are abandoned, then, that is the premise of intensifying imbalance.

“We can’t bear the cost of this, and an unequal society is a general public laying itself up for implosion and God deny that would be the situation with our country. I need to simply acclaim every one of you for turning out and standing, remaining for your cause. I need to say that I would really be addressing a legal counselor who will end up being your legal advisor in this matter, so that would you be in the city, as well as you would need to get lawful review of your circumstance, since that is vital.

“I likewise praise the way that you have been respectful. Today is Saturday; I don’t realize what your arrangement is, Saturday is not a work day. Sunday is additionally not a work day. So individuals may say they are not at work, that is the reason they are not ready to address you. Possibly what we would do is have a dialog among yourselves and maybe continue your sit-out by wherever you did that, by the main day of the week. At that point whatever you need to say to the President, I think you ought to give the open door for every one of your individuals to address the President. He’s the one you came to see.”

The Tribune Newspapers thus delicate open expression of remorse to Dr. Ezekwesili, Aisha Yesufu and the Presidency for the distortion.

Let me again express that the unfairness that the #NigeriaImmigration2000 dissenters affirm needs quick Presidential determination considering that every single other level of power have fizzled them. In the event that Garba Shehu was not sending his time and ability to the wrong needs, he ought to have brought the issue of 2000 repelled youngsters to the President’s consideration when they possessed the door of his office last Friday.

I encourage him to do as such at this point.

Obiageli (Oby) Ezekwesili


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