Uber driver arrested for sexually assaulting 3 women

Police in Florida have arrested a man who worked as an Uber driver for sexually assaulting three women this year.
Xolani Mtsitsha of Boca Raton was arrested Thursday and faces sexual battery charges, according to a statement posted on Facebook by the Boynton Beach Police Department.
According to the Police, Mtsitsha, “terrorized three women in our city this year,” and is being held on $150,000 bond in the Palm Beach County Jail, police said.

Police said the assaults took place in January, June and July and were carried out in the same location an industrial area on the city’s southeast side.

According to a police report cited by the Sun Sentinel, Mtsitsha told police that two of the women offered him sex in exchange for giving them a lift.

One woman, the report states, refused to have sex with him without a condom before he unexpectedly drove her to the industrial location and raped her. He agreed to take a second woman to a homeless shelter before driving her to the same location without warning, the report states.
“When they arrived, she realized she was in danger and began to cry”. “The man held her face down and raped her before dropping her off around Clint Moore Road, the report said.”
“The woman told investigators that the man kept saying, ‘You’re making me mad, you don’t want to get me mad.’ ”
The woman who was allegedly assaulted in July was able to give police Mtsitsha’s license plate number, which allowed them to track him down.

After acquiring a DNA sample and reviewing cellphone records, investigators were able to execute a search warrant.
In their statement online, police credited investigator Raymond Lagor for his “Phenomenal” work in tracking the suspect down.
“Inv. Lagor spent countless hours pursuing leads and following the trail of evidence that led directly to Mtsitsha,” the statement said. “It is possible there are other victims.”
An Uber spokesperson told the Palm Beach Post that Mtsitsha began driving for the company in February, a month after the first assault is alleged to have occurred.

The spokesperson also confirmed that he has been banned from the app.

Source: The Sun Sentinel

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