Women Hired Man To Cut Off Hand And Foot in insurance Scam

A lady in Hanoi professedly contracted a man to remove her hand and foot in what is accepted to be an endeavor to trick an insurance agency out of almost VND4 billion ($180,000), nearby police said Tuesday.

Ly Thi N., 30, faked a railroad mischance to make a case three months prior, police in Bac Tu Liem District said.

On May 5 Doan Van D., 21, answered to the police that a lady had been harmed in a railroad mischance in Bac Tu Liem.

At the scene, the police discovered N. with her cleared out hand and left foot disjoined.

She told the police she had been meandering close to the railroad track when a train that passed by “dragged” her in.

D., an outsider, happened to be on the spot and saw the mischance, she said.

Nonetheless, the police later discovered that N. what’s more, D. knew each other.

After further examination, they built up that N. had paid D. VND50 million to hack off her hand and foot and fake the mishap to make the protection claim.

A source told Thanh Nien that N. had brought about misfortunes in her business and purchased a substantial protection arrangement.

The police said they are exploring further to choose what charges to bring against the couple.

Specialists had reattached N’s. separated hand and foot, yet needed to evacuate them four days after the fact after gangrene set in.

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